Asha in Time by Mandy Nachampassack-Maloney (Book Review) 

By  Raindropreflections

     She was special.  Her parents knew that; though it was not her sable hair, her wide amber eyes, but the fact that she had memories of things she could not possibly know.  She remembered the palace of ancient Thebes, the palace pharaohs and queens had walked in.  Finally, on her thirteenth birthday, she would find out where her memories were born.  She would return to ancient Egypt to get her answers, but she had no idea that he was waiting for her.

She’ll have to use all her wits and wiles to find her way in Egypt and into his heart without destroying herself.

What I expected: Egypt? Time travel? I’m in for SURE. There isn’t much that intrigues me more than ancient Egyptian history, and I was glad to have a chance to read about one of my favourite time periods.

My Thoughts

Asha in Time was exquisitely written and beautifully delivered. While the dialogue is kept at a minimum, the breathtaking narrative flows so smoothly you almost don’t notice it. The characters narrating from time to time was well-distributed; whoever told the story at certain points was perfectly suited to do so.

And the history? Oh my gosh, I don’t think I’ve read such a vivid description of Egypt. It’s hard for someone to bring this sort of history to life in a way that imprints the image of ancient Egypt so deeply in your mind, but Asha in Time did just that.

The characters were beautiful as well. The MC Isetnofret was strong-willed, passionate, and almost perfect, but it was Nefertari I rooted for near the end, because she was stronger and much more selfless.

Rameses was depicted awesomely as well. We rarely think of famous leaders as human, but in Asha in Time, all his faults and strengths were shown, and through it you slowly realize that no matter how powerful someone is, they’re real people, too.

As for the character the book is named after, Asha- he was amazing. His pain and selflessness made me tear up a little, honestly.

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PS: I also need to Google up who ended up being Queen of Egypt, Nefertari or Isetnofret, because the little part at the end made me wonder what really did happen.

Parting Thoughts: I loved Asha in Time a hundred times more than I thought I would. The vibrant history of Egypt brought to life, told from the eyes of powerful characters, stole my heart. I absolutely loved this EPIC story.

Rating: 5/5. No explanation needed =)

Note: I received this ebook for review from the author. Thanks, Mandy!