Clarity by Kim Harrington (Book Review) 

 November 21, 2022

By  Raindropreflections

What I expected: I loved the cover, and the prospect of a story with psychics, which is an under-explored aspect in most YA novels, was enough to make me order it ASAP at the library.


Like I said above, the psychic aspect of Clarity appealed to me, although I’ve never actually had my palm read or whatever. And a murder mystery on top of that? Awesome.

The murder mystery was actually really, really good. I was misled until the very end, but it disappointed me a little that I figured out who the murderer was a little before Clare did, although obviously I didn’t know the motive behind the murder until it was explained. And that motive was simultaneously disgusting and ingenious.


I liked the MC Clare a lot. She was unpredictable- you’d never know what she’d do, especially when it came to the two guys vying for her affections. Speaking of the two guys…

I liked Justin (the ex-boyfriend) more than the detective’s son Gabriel, even though what Justin did was unforgivable and all that. It’s just that Justin seemed a lot truer to Clare than Gabriel ever would. Justin  was the good boy; Gabriel was the bad boy. They were both hot, obviously. But yeah, despite his being a lying jerk, I like Justin better.

I am TIRED of love triangles, people. It’s in so many novels- Mortal Instruments, Clockwork Angel, Twilight, Paranormalcy, etc- so naturally I was expecting to hate this aspect of Clarity. But in reality (maybe because this is a contemporary novel and therefore normal people liking normal people) this particular love triangle wasn’t all that bad. I even took sides.

Lastly, Perry, Clare’s brother- I know he’s a total player and everything, but I couldn’t bring myself to hate him. He just seemed like such a sweet (and cute) person… I guess that’s his charm, huh?

Parting Thoughts: I loved the cover, I loved the title, and overall I loved Clarity. It was a great book. I really liked it, and I recommend it to fans of contemporary fiction who don’t mind a little psychic touch to it. Go, Kim Harrington! And there are hints of a sequel… lots of unanswered questions at the end. I’m looking forward to reading more from Kim Harrington for sure. And her acknowledgements just make you glow inside because you’re a book blogger.

Rating: 4.5/5. The only major detractor was my finding out the murderer a while before Clare did. Still, I really liked Clarity.