Forever Mine by Elizabeth Reyes (Book Review) 

 August 18, 2022

By  Raindropreflections

Note: I received this e-book for review from the author; it’s an e-book and can be purchased on Amazon for Kindle.

My Thoughts

I was pretty happy when I received this book for review; I generally like romances. Forever Mine was all about first love and possessiveness and how much the truth really does matter.

First of all, reading a book on your computer is the most uncomfortable experience I’ve ever had. I am NEVER going to hunch over my desk squinting at my laptop or sitting on the floor with my laptop on the coffee table because no matter what, laptops just aren’t meant for reading for a long amount of time.

Now, back to the book. This is what happens: your mom’s in jail. You aren’t allowed to stay with your best friend, but instead with your aunt all the way in California. You meet a hot guy who’s into you, too, and you both fall in love and all that jazz. BUT you never told your boyfriend about your best friend back in Arizona who, might I add, is a guy. And your boyfriend’s ultra possessive. Conflict, conflict, conflict.
I have to admit, I haven’t ever read a book centered almost completely on a romance. This book was all about love- the MC Sarah and the male lead Angel’s love, their friends’ love, etcetera. It was a bit gruelling at first, because I’m a sucker for the imperfect kind of love stories that are more of a side plot than anything, like Harry and Ginny in Harry Potter.

The thing is, this particular romance seemed a little too lust-based. Sure, there were sweet moments, and Sarah and Angel really seemed to click, but at the same time, I was annoyed sometimes about how much of a horndog Angel was. Did it take away from the story? I think it depends on your individual definition of what love and lust are, and also whether they’re separate from each other for you or not. Other than that, I think Angel and Sarah’s romance was very sweet.


The MC Sarah seemed a little insipid to me about the whole coach-is-nice-but-dangerous thing. Either she was blind, or that coach was extremely convincing. But damn, can anyone be that naive? I’m the ultra-perceptive kind of person, so I really don’t know. Other than that, she was very believable, albeit a little too emotional. But this is about a girl whose mom’s in jail and whose boyfriend is ultra possessive.

Oh, about the possessiveness. I have nothing against the male lead Angel (even though I object to such an obviously masculine guy having such a girly name) but he seemed way too jealous and possessive. But that’s his character, so yeah. Other than that, DAMN! He was a great male lead for sure.

I LOVED LOVED LOVED Sydney. He was the kind of best friend I wish I always had. For a while I thought that a) he was in love with Sarah himself but when he didn’t seem to care that Sarah was with Angel, that b) he was gay. It turns out to be that neither one is true- and that is NOT a spoiler.

Parting Thoughts: This is my first time reading anything by an indie author, and it was certainly a different experience. I liked Forever Mine because it carried that forever-love thing, and that’s one of the sweetest things in the world, honestly. The cliffhangers were great, by the way. Elizabeth Reyes really knows how to write cliffhangers.

Rating: 3.5/5. The lust-based relationship between Sarah and Angel irked me. Maybe it’s because we’re just not as forward up here in Canada or something, but yeah. I’m sure others out there who disagree with me, though, and I’m also sure things might work differently with different people. So yeah, that’s my opinion. Fans of everlasting, forever-yours kind of love, this book is made for you!
Oh, and I’m looking forward to the sequel, Always Been Mine, which is about Angel’s older brother Alex. I liked that guy, even though he was a bigger player than even Angel was (before meeting Sarah, mind).

Another Note: I just want to say that I’m supportive of all the indie authors out there. It must be a big step to be able to have enough faith in your book to publish it yourself on Amazon or even in print. So keep doing the work you do, and may you all be the next Amanda Hocking!