Klepto by Jenny Pollack (Book Review) 

 November 4, 2022

By  Raindropreflections

Book Summary
     Julie Braverman is the coolest person Julie Prodsky has ever met. She has no curfew, a to-die-for wardrobe, and her mother is the model in the ‘It’s Better in the Bahamas’ ad. During their freshman year at the High School of Performing Arts in New York City, the previously unexplored world of flirting, freedom, and fashion is revealed to Julie P through the eyes of her new best friend.     Learning the secret of Julie B’s collection of Fiorucci jeans- shoplifting- only makes Julie P admire her more. Before long, Julie P has her own closetful of stolen clothing, and a new boyfriend. Then Julie P’s conscience catches up with her. If she stops stealing, will her relationship with Julie B come to an end?

This fresh and funny debut novel explores the true meaning of friendship- in all of its messy, beautiful complexity.

Note: Before reading ‘Klepto’, you should know that it’s set in 1981. I was wondering why people would have frizzy-on-purpose bangs and same-length hair until I figured out that the book was set in the past, which was revealed in the middle of the book.

What I Expected

A funny chick-lit kind of book. I got from the first few pages that ‘Klepto’ was set in the past, which added to the book, because honestly, shoplifting can’t be that easy today. And Fiorucci sounds like Gucci’s mom, so I guess those Fiorucci jeans aren’t around anymore, since I didn’t know about them until now.


‘Klepto’ was really cute and ironically, honest, and it was the little changes in Julie P that made me like this book more. I loved the best-friends aspect of it- and I have had a bestie that was more popular, more confident, and more everything than me, just like Julie P. It just makes me miss that best friend more.


Julie P, the protagonist, is sweet and insecure, while Julie B, her best friend, is very outgoing and speaks her mind, so they were foils for each other. The contrast between the two Julies made it a lot more interesting.

Parting Thoughts: Overall, Klepto was sweet and feel-good and it showed a very different side of life from the past. Want to know how shoplifting was pulled off in the eighties, and not to mention, the “boys will come and go, but friends stay true” saying turning out to be true? This is definitely THE book to read if that’s what you’re interested in.

Rating: 4/5. I liked the conversational style of the book. Finding out in the acknowledgements that all the things in the book actually happened in the author’s life and that she actually had a best friend Jenny (same as herself) made me look at the book in a whole different way. Eventful teenagehood much…

Book Stats

Publisher: Penguin

Pages: 273

Release Date: 2006