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Rating System

This is the story of how I finally settled on a rating system. No, it’s not fascinating at all but I’m going to continue anyways.

[first started blogging] hey, let’s keep it simple and do a Goodreads-style rating system for books out of 5.

[a while later] I want to be creative! Why not have a rating system out of seven?

[a little while after that] Even I can’t understand my own rating out of 7, so how can anybody else?

And now, I’m back to the good old 5- star rating system, and this time for good. No need to get creative about ratings anymore.

5/5– I LOVED IT! This is that amazingly awesome book that comes along once in a while and makes you really think.

4/5– Amazing. I really liked this book.

3/5- it was a good read.

2/5– uh, nope, didn’t really like it.

1/5- this book didn’t work out for me at all.

Disclaimer: This is my opinion and my opinion only, of the book. I understand that others may feel differently, and they’re perfectly entitled to do so, just like I am. I’m not making jibes at the author or his/her writing ability at all; this rating is just a way to express what I felt about the book. My reviews are definitely not objective, and so the rating is a reflection of my own opinion.

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